There is a raft of government grants and financial incentives available to innovative Australian companies to access in reducing the direct costs of commercialising their developed technology to be made available to domestic and internal markets.


It should however be noted that the new elected Abbott Coalition Government, on 7th September 2013, is currently reviewing the continuance of most of these existing government grants. Once the specific details of the remaining on-going government grant programs are known, including the $2 billion Direct Action Climate Change Program, our website will be updated accordingly.


The principal of the practice has an extensive successful track record in assisting Australian entrepreneurs to access government support to assist in key commercialisation activities.


The principal has directly been responsible in clients receiving in excess of $50 million in government grants, since commencing the practice. Many of our former clients were unaware of the existence of these various government assistance programs before we came involved in accessing these grant schemes on their behalf.


Clients in the intensive, knowledge based sustainable industries of advanced manufacturing, information communications technology, agribusiness, and also mining services technology, have all been recipients of substantial government support for their proof of concept and later stage commercialisation activities. These clients have been characterised of developing world class cutting edge technologies to domestic and international markets.


The practice offers a comprehensive and specifically tailored approach for its clients to access government grants. From project inception, through to preparation and lodgement of detailed grant applications including project descriptions, submitted to selected and identified government agencies, we will assume total responsibility for this task.


This service also includes the preparation of all necessary financial information, including forward projections of attainable market penetration rates on the route to new market opportunities.


We offer a flexible fee structure for our services tailored to the individual circumstances of the client. These fee arrangements include fixed fee arrangements payable upon attaining agreed milestones, retainers over specified limited timeframes, as well as traditional hourly charge out rates.


In addition, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Encounter Technology Corporation Pty Ltd, we are able to offer success fee based services, upon our clients receiving any offer of government assistance, based upon our submissions.


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